The lifestyle of a bhakti-yogi is one of intentional actions and choices, or as they call it, trying to become ‘Krishna conscious’. Through a variety of activities a bhakti-yogi aims to become a devotee of Lord Krishna, training his/her mind and actions towards selfless service to all living things and ultimately to Lord Krishna. Living in this way they aim to not create karma in their daily activities, as all of their actions are intentionally devoted to the Divine, the controller of karma.

Some of the activities they do daily are: meditate, sing mantra music, study and live by the sacred Vedic wisdom, have philosophy discourses, eat only karma-free, blessed, vegetarian food, and try in all spheres of their lives to live in a way that upholds the principles of truthfulness, mercy, austerity, and cleanliness.


Mantras are sacred words and sounds used to control the mind and call upon the Divine. Bhakti-yogis use mantra meditation on both an individual level, with sacred Tulasi wooden beads, called japa, and collectively through mantra music and singing, called kirtan.

To hear an example of kirtan, click to listen to the audio clip below.

This piece is called Ceili in Braj! (Hari Haraye) by Jahnavi Harrison, who is a well-known and well-loved kirtaneer that travels the world singing and sharing kirtan. This piece features in the film during a pivotal moment in Prabhupada’s journey.




Bhakti-yogis believe that the sourcing, preparation and eating of food should be based on principles of Ahimsa (non-violence and balanced living). Thus, they advocate a strict vegetarian diet, avoiding any animal products. In the Bhagavad-gita, Lord Krishna tells his friend and disciple, Arjuna, to offer everything to Him and in this way everything he does, thinks, and eats becomes freed from sinful reactions, or karma.

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Our conscious living partners are inspiring organizations and businesses that raise awareness of conscious living practices, such as vegetarianism, yoga, meditation & kirtan, around the world. They also help support and promote Hare Krishna! the film in their community by hosting a screening, interactive outreach and local social change programs.


“It was an honor for The Bhakti Center to host the world premiere of the Hare Krishna, the Mantra, the Movement and the Swami who started it all. It is a true story of Srila Prabhupada’s incredible contribution to the world, and how his mission of teaching people how to live a genuine spiritual life of God Consciousness helped to change the lives of millions. We hope to see this film continue to inspire countless others to pursue a life of higher consciousness and true spiritual happiness.”

Virabhadra Ram Dasa

Executive Director, The Bhakti Center

“Govindas Cinema is proud to screen such films as Hare Krishna! The Mantra, the Movement and the Swami who started it all. It is a true story of how one person’s commitment, compassion and determination to bring happiness and peace to Mother Earth and all her residents impacted on the lives of millions. Just as Steve Jobs is a success story for aspiring visionary business people, this film is a success story of someone who aspired to elevate the consciousness of humanity at large.”

Tony Kaye

Founder & CEO, Govinda's Restaurant, Cinema & Conscious Living Center